Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time to Get Blogging Again :)

The Brightwood Farm Blog has been pretty spotty over the last year, although there are always lots of neat things going on at the farm that are worth telling folks about through our blog.  The problem is that we never seem to have time to sit down and do the work of writing the blog and getting it online.

I'll start with a look back at the winter just passed-  it was  mild and un-snowy compared to the winter of 2009- 2010.  Practically no shoveling this winter, but practically no cross country skiing either!  I have been going on walks in the woods each morning with Cara, our English shepherd.  It gives me a great opportunity to observe as the trees and woods plants respond to the changing seasons.  Here are a few pictures I took on walks this past winter.

We finished work on our two new moveable greenhouses (actually unheated hoophouses) on Christmas Day and started harvesting salad greens from them about a month later.  We also grew microgreens in trays all winter in our small lean-to greenhouse, attached to our house.  It proved to be an enjoyable wintertime enterprise, and although the microgreens took a little over a month to get to marketable size, we were able to grow them all winter with minimal additional heat.  As I write this in the beginning of May, the microgreens are ready to market after only a week and a half or two weeks- it is amazing what a difference more heat and light makes!