Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Part 3: Reconstruction of the Farmhouse

We can’t leave the Farmhouse in such a state for too long!  All of that deconstruction made way for some major upgrades when the Farmhouse was put back together again-  central heat and AC, excellent insulation, modern plumbing that we won’t have to fix once a month, new standing seam metal roof, new windows that really work! 

Updated appliances, restored chimney,  solid construction throughout,  new bedroom and bathroom upstairs,  modern slope to the stairs-  much safer than the old, steep stairs!

Larger front porch with room to sit and talk, new upper level deck in back,- all these improvements to an old house that still feels old.  I really started to enjoy checking on the progress of the project-  each day brought delightful new details, and the Farmhouse really started to take shape.

Here’s a look inside when the house was partially finished.. the Living Room


Downstairs Bedroom

Upstairs Bedroom in the Original Section of the House

Upstairs Bedroom in the New Wing

The Rec Room

Next Up: Some Before and After Pictures- and the completion of our renovation project.

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